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Press Release: Blacks In Technology Foundation Launches New Chapter In Music City

DATE: 03/11/2021


Two local Black tech entrepreneurs have partnered to launch a Nashville chapter of the Blacks in Technology Foundation (BIT).

In an effort to grow and connect the Nashville black technology community, the cofounders of Rachel + Winfree Consulting – Holly Rachel and Lena Winfree – will be co-organizing the new Nashville chapter of BIT.

BiT is a global non-profit with over 11,000 members in 7 countries around the world. The goal of the organization is to increase the number of black people in tech, while facilitating the advancement of those already in the industry.

According to Holly Rachel, 33, BiT-Nashville co-organizer and President: “The Nashville tech community has seen explosive growth in recent years, and the black tech community should be experiencing explosive growth as well!

“We believe that launching BiT-Nashville will connect the Nashville black tech community with the networks and resources we need to get more black people into the tech industry and help those that are already in the industry advance their careers.

“Our ultimate goal is to be able to support local organizations and programs that are already doing awesome work lowering the barrier of entry into tech for black people, as well as to provide a central location that the Nashville black tech community can go to find resources that will help them increase their knowledge and skills.”

Membership into BiT is free, and many of the training programs they offer are free or subsidized by corporate sponsors, some of which include Disney, Citi, and Kronos.

Member perks of the BiT Foundation include funding for technical certifications and nano-degrees, technical apprenticeships, contract-to-hire programs, computer and broadband subsidies for low income households, and soft skills training such as resume writing and interview prep.

Holly Rachel adds, “We are so excited to be taking this step for the black tech community in Nashville. We believe that this is long overdue and are looking forward to helping as many people as we can build the tech career they want.”

BiT-Nashville represents the latest in over 40 chapters of the BiT Foundation. Prospective members can join their local chapter at The Blacks In Technology Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit entity of Blacks in Technology, LLC.

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